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How are faculty on your campus continuing to adapt to demands for online and blended courses?

APLU has heard from many of our member institutions that across the country, faculty and instructional staff, among many other administrators and staff, are exhausted. Even as face to face courses and other on-campus activities resume, faculty must continue to redesign their courses and think of how to engage their students beyond the classroom.

Our colleagues within the Personalized Learning Consortium at APLU are partnering with the Online Learning Consortium, Achieving the Dream, and the Every Learner Everywhere network to provide a free, virtual professional development opportunity for your faculty and instructional staff in disciplines of writing, math, biology, and chemistry to identify, share, and develop discipline-specific teaching and learning strategies, with a focus on effective and equitable digital learning and teaching with technology.  

The Spring 2022 Disciplinary Communities of Practice will consist of three 2-hour synchronous sessions for each discipline, and the sessions will center on the theme of Developing Critical Engagement in and across our Disciplines. In addition to the synchronous sessions, the Communities of Practice host a structured asynchronous platform where participants can continue discussions, share resources, and advance the field’s understanding of how to best implement digital learning in their respective disciplines.

If this is of interest to your campus community, we ask you to please share out the registration link or use the attached PDF to invite your faculty and instructional staff in the disciplines of writing, math, biology, and chemistry who are invested in enhancing their teaching.

More information and registration are available at this link:


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This PDF is available to download and share out with your teaching and learning centers and broader campus community!
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Thank you for bringing this to our attention, @JC Chadwick!

Will these sessions be recorded/posted?  If so, is there also an archive of the Fall 2021 series?

Hi Greg, that is a great question!

I confirmed that the sessions are recorded, and they are available to registrants on the Community of Practice platform (hosted on Canvas). Once one registers for the Spring Communities of Practice, they will receive an invitation link via email to join the Canvas site, and this is typically within a few days of registering for the sessions.

And if anyone has additional questions on recordings, the Canvas site, or wants to see one or two of the past recordings before registering, please email Mike Brokos at

JC Chadwick
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