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A colleague recently shared an insightful article by Patrick Methvin, Director of Postsecondary Success at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, discussing key lessons learned regarding institutional transformation in higher education. These lessons emphasize the importance of a unifying framework for change, centering on race and income, aligned multi-level leadership, and a learning mindset. These themes align with our internal discussions about the crucial elements necessary for transformative change in higher education.

In our work with the Intermediaries for Scale (IFS) initiative and in Powered by Publics, we aim to help institutions create cross-functional collaborations that change culture, structures, and shared ownership of equitable student success. The article resonates with our focus, as it emphasizes realigning institutional structures, culture, and business models to create a student-centered, inclusive learning environment.

Methvin's working definition of institutional transformation highlights the significance of leveraging strategic data use, catalytic leadership, and continuous improvement to achieve dramatic, equitable outcomes and educational value. These insights reinforce the notion that the challenges we face in higher education transformation are shared across the field, providing valuable guidance on effectively addressing these challenges.

We encourage all higher education professionals, policymakers, and institutional leaders to explore this article and consider how to apply these strategies to their institutions or initiatives. By learning from one another, we can collectively drive transformative change in higher education and achieve more equitable student outcomes.

Direct link to the article: https://usprogram.gatesfoundat...s/10-lessons-learned

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