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The Powered by Publics team is pleased to announce the release of Talking Transformation, our limited podcast series that explores some of the innovative, collaborative, and transformative work done by our cluster members! Each episode features a conversation with a different cluster manager, providing a unique window into topics, challenges, discoveries, victories, lessons, and recommendations.

All episodes are available on Soundcloud and here on the Learning Exchange. Individual episode details are listed below. Please take a listen, and let us know your thoughts!

Talking Transfer Student Success with Gregory Thornton & Bao Le (24:51)

In this episode, guest host Bao Le, Assistant Vice President for Data and Policy Analysis at the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, delves into the significant work of the Powered by Publics initiative. Joined by Gregory Thornton, Associate Director, in the Center for Public University Transformation, and cluster manager for the institutions focusing on transfer student success, they discuss the challenges and solutions surrounding transfer student success in higher education. Gregory emphasizes the importance of creating a transfer-receptive culture, improving communication, advocating for policy changes, and establishing dedicated transfer student centers. The episode underscores the need for institutions to prioritize transfer students, ensuring they receive the same attention and resources as first-time students. Dive in to explore the insights, best practices, and collaborative efforts that are paving the way for transfer student success.

Talking Optimizing Degree Programs with Curricular Analytics with Julia Michaels & Julia Chadwick (16:00)

In this episode, guest host Julia Chadwick delves into the transformative work of the Powered by Publics initiative, which has been driving innovative solutions in higher education since 2018. Joined by Julia Michaels, Executive Director for Powered by Publics, they discuss the pivotal role of Curricular Analytics in optimizing degree pathways. Michaels highlights the tool's ability to visualize academic challenges and its potential to enhance student outcomes by identifying and addressing problematic degree programs. The conversation underscores the importance of faculty engagement, the need for regular curriculum reviews, and the broader vision of ensuring a student-centric approach in higher education.

Talking DFW Rates with Tia Freelove Kirk & Jimmy McClellan (15:22)

In this episode of "Talking Transformation," guest host Jimmy McClellan, Assistant Director for Urban Initiatives at the Association for Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), delves into the work of the Powered by Publics initiative. Launched in 2018, this initiative collaborates with 127 institutions across 14 clusters to address challenges in higher education. The spotlight of the conversation is on DFW rates (grades D, F, and withdrawals) in gateway courses. Tia Freelove Kirk, Assistant Director in the Center for Public University Transformation, shares insights from her work with the Big Ten cluster, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, data-sharing, and a systemic approach to reducing DFW rates. The duo discusses the significance of addressing equity gaps, the challenges faced during the initiative, and the importance of collective responsibility in achieving equitable outcomes for students.

Talking Data Literacy and Integration with Denise Nadasen & Milan Ephraim (16:46)

In the final episode of the "Talking Transformation" series, guest host Milan Ephraim, Program Manager for International Economic and Community Engagement at APLU, delves into the significance of Data Literacy and Integration with Denise Nadasen, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Data and Analytics. They discuss the "Powered by Publics" initiative's journey since 2018, emphasizing the importance of data in higher education and the challenges and solutions institutions face in integrating data literacy. Denise highlights the value of community collaboration, the need for senior leadership buy-in, and the significance of assessing data culture. This episode offers valuable insights and recommendations for institutions aiming to enhance their data literacy initiatives. Join us for this enlightening conversation as we wrap up the series.

Tags: Transfer Student Success, Talking Transformation, Student Voice, DFW, Data Literacy, Equity Roundtables, Podcast, Optimizing Degree Pathways, Curricular Analytics, Data Integration

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