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The 12 institutions in the PxP Metropolitan Cluster (see the Institution list, below) recently released the Student Employment Resources for Practitioners online toolkit.

Members of the cluster with interest and expertise in student employment convened a subcommittee to explore how on-campus student employment can be used as a high-impact practice for increasing equitable student success. The toolkit is intended to maximize the effectiveness of on-campus employment in particular, which “…is correlated with student retention and success when crafted to advance the academic enrichment, social engagement, and financial capabilities of students.”

The toolkit provides resources for students, supervisors and administrators:

  • For students, the website provides links to tools at member institutions, including a professional development plan, transferable skills worksheet, and guidance for conversations with supervisors.
  • For supervisors, resources include hiring, onboarding, development, and offboarding practices such as guidance for inclusive hiring, training, coaching conversations, evaluations, and exit interviews.
  • Administrator resources include an example of an internship program, an annotated bibliography about student employment, and an example of how to document students’ experiences and related learnings.

The toolkit also provides examples of student employment participation and outcomes data.

Below is a list of the institutions that developed this toolkit:

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